Camo dipping and custom coating guns, bows, skulls, cleaning skulls and we also stuff heads.

a gun's scope aimed at a camo dipped gun

Camo dipping and custom hydro dipping

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If you need any help or have any questions please give us a call.

Located in Park Hills, MO 63601 Phone: (573) 431-0667), and servicing the continental United States; Dip-N-Stuff specializes in camouflaging guns, bows, hunting equipment, and other stuff. We use a hydro dipping system to create great effects on plastic, bone, wood, and metal. Our finished works include guns, bows, spear guns, car rims, pistols, game consuls, computers, animal skulls, and you name it. View our gallery to see some of our finished works for yourself. If you can paint it, we can probably dip it. Our dipping experience makes the difference. In the end that means quality you can see.

We do camo dipping for individuals, privately owned companies, clubs, and organizations of all kinds. Our mission is to put a smile on every clients' face. This is accomplished by using the best materials helping to add lasting value, overall durability, and protection to each item we dip.

We do not dip Real Tree or Mossy Oak camo patterns.

Taxidermy: skull cleaning before dipping

Now offering skull cleaning using flesh-eating Dermestid Beetles if wanting to print on bone we would like to recommend this method for stripping the flesh. We are a licensed taxidermy service, please contact Randy for the details on how to have a skull cleaned and properly prepped for a fresh camo dip. As a licensed Taxidermy service I can tell you that skull dipping is an attractive money saving alternative to traditional taxidermy.

Gun Coating

We can coat your guns and metal products. We are an authorized KG Dealer. See our gun coating navigation link for more information.

DISCLAIMER: Camo dipping is also known as a form of Water Transfer, hydrographic printing, cubed printing, hydro dipping, 3D printing, water transfer printing, hydro-dip, hydro imaging, gun dipping, hydro gun dipping, and camouflaging.  We can and do use these terms indifferently throughout this website.